Intravenous Sedation

Dentist Redding

Intravenous Sedation, or IV Sedation, is a form of sedation only used for oral surgery procedures. It is typically administered for shorter treatment sessions. The effects of IV sedation are immediate, often making you feel as though you slept through the procedure. However, it’s common to feel groggy when the IV is stopped, though this sensation usually fades over the next few hours.

Unlike Nitrous Oxide, if you opt for Oral Conscious or IV Sedation for your oral surgery, you will need someone to provide transportation on the day of your procedure. While there are no lingering aftereffects, the sedative effects of these options can take up to 24 hours to fully diminish.

IV Sedation is an effective method to ensure your comfort and relaxation during oral surgery procedures, providing immediate sedation and a quick recovery period.